fbpx Can A Cat Be A Service Animal?

Can A Cat Be A Service Animal?

Can a cat be a service animal?

What is a service animal?

A service animal is a special animal, trained to perform a number of functions to help people with disabilities. Due to the fact that dogs are easier to train other animals, they who most often act as service animals. You must have heard of guide dogs, emotional support dogs, or other special dogs. But how effective are cats in this regard?

To date, the law recognizes such categories as emotional support (ESA) and therapy cats. Unfortunately, there are no service cats (according to the American standards), even though many cats demonstrate good learning ability and ability to master fairly complex skills. However, no matter how smart and capable the animal is, a cat can’t have an official status of a service animal and related privileges.

The difference between ESA, service animal and therapy animal

An emotional support cat is a common pet whose task is to create a favorable atmosphere for people with emotional and mental disorders. Cats with ESA status are an effective alternative way to fight such pathological conditions as stress, depression, PTSD, chronic anxiety, etc. To get ESA status for your cat, it is enough to contact a qualified doctor, who will confirm that you, as a patient, require an emotional support cat. After that, you will get a number of privileges for free air travel and accommodation with a cat in a rented housing without bail.

Therapy cat is a cat, which helps people with psycho-emotional disorders by providing beneficial effects on their psyche. Unlike ESA, a therapy cat is a well-trained animal, trained by a certified professional. Although such animals often don’t have an owner, they take an active part in the rehabilitation of a large number of people. This is another difference from ESA animal, which usually communicates with the same person throughout its life.

Can the cat be a service animal?

The term”service cat” is not stipulated by the current US law, according to which the cat can’t act as a service animal. However, very well trained animals, whose skills are tailored to fulfill any specific tasks, are informally referred to as service cats. Unfortunately, such pets are very rare, which is why the term “service cat” didn’t find recognition in wide circles.Despite the fact that the cat can’t fulfill the functions of a service animal (neither legally nor factually), it will become a perfect emotional support animal. In this sense, cats are not inferior to dogs, and in some cases, they are considered the preferred option for ESA.

Service cats?

Cat as an emotional support animal

Cats are perfect emotional support animals. They are affectionate and unobtrusive, which makes them very comfortable for cohabitation. Moreover, cats have a natural capacity to calm and create a beneficial aura around themselves. The registration of the cat as ESA will allow you not to pay for your pet on the plane and have the right to live in rented apartments and houses on privileged terms.

How to register a cat as a service animal?

Unfortunately, under United States law, you can’t register your cat as a service animal. Only a dog or (in rare cases) a small horse can be registered as a service animal. As for the cat, it can be registered as an emotional support animal, after which you can enjoy the company of your furry pet, wherever you are.

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