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Top-10 Dog Breeds that are Easy to Train

Some dog breeds are easier to train — it is a well-known truth. Any dog can cause troubles, but generally speaking, some breeds adapt to commands much lighter. If you need an obedient companion who quickly learns...


Top-10 Dog Breeds that are Hard to Train

Some people have a stereotype that all dog breeds are equally able to learn new commands and have similar abilities to training. But in reality, it works the opposite way: some breeds are easy to teach, some...


How to Retrain a Dog?

Is it possible to retrain an adult dog and if yes, how to do it? Such questions are often asked by people who have suffered greatly from their dog’s behavior. They want to change it no matter what, but they...


How to train an emotional support dog?

Emotional support dogs are pets that doctors often recommend for individuals with different mental problems. It hasn’t to be a strongly trained animal with tens of commands in its reserve. But despite the absence...


ESA Note By Doctors

Unlike a service dog, which is trained specially to assist people with incapacities, an emotional support animal (ESA) does not have the relevant abilities. However, ESA gives a different function – the...


ESA Prescription Letter

If you experience emotional and mental dysfunctions, the emotional support animal (ESA) can be precisely the “medicine” that will have a profitable therapeutic effect. However, if you want to use an animal as...


Laws on emotional support animals

According to US law, people who suffer from emotional and psychological dysfunctions are qualified to an emotional support animal, if they really need one. Federal law provides a number of benefits for animal...


Emotional Support Animals Demands

Almost any animal can function as an Emotional Support Animal (ESA), but most often, people choose dogs or cats. Emotional support animals, as the name implies, give emotional assistance to their keepers. They do...


Emotional Support Animal Letter For Airlines

An emotional support animal (ESA) is a special category of pets designed to improve and maintain the mental state of people with various types of disorders. While service dogs can accompany their owners anywhere in...


How To Receive Emotional Support Animal Letter In California

The wonderful news for the inhabitants of California requiring emotional support animals is going to be the fact that the “Golden State” is characterized by quite forward-looking legislation in terms...