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Top-10 Dog Breeds that are Easy to Train

Some dog breeds are easier to train it is a well-known truth. Any dog can cause troubles, but generally speaking, some breeds adapt to commands much lighter. If you need an obedient companion who quickly learns new tricks, then just continue reading. We are going to find out who are the most trainable dogs and what is the secret of their high discipline.

What determines the learning speed?

Many dog handlers still argue on this topic. Someone says that all depends on the effort spent on training. Others argue that the main thing is the skills of an owner and most obedient dog breeds don’t exist. And someone is sure that every dog has its individual qualities.

Of course, all the above things matter. But Stanley Coren, canine psychology researcher, decided that practice is the best way to find out the truth. He made research studying more than a hundred dog breeds. Some of them he trained personally and this approach gave great results.

Why are some breeds easier to train while others aren’t?

In his book “The Intelligence of Dog” Stanley Coren divided dog intelligence into several main types: adaptive (responsible for creativity), intellectual work (understanding, executing commands), and instinctive (innate talents). According to this specification, some breeds are genetically easier to train. Of course, this does not exclude parameters such as:

* Communication between owner and a dog. Without an established connection, even easy to train dogs will not become loyal, and therefore will not follow commands.

* The age of a dog. The older the dog, the more difficult it is for it to learn new commands. This is a well-known truth and this factor is of great importance. We learn new things worse when we get old. Dogs are the same.

* Frequency of training. Note, not duration, but frequency. Dogs do not need to be trained for several hours. Ten minutes, but every day is much better. A dog will not be very tired and it will be easier for it to concentrate, which will greatly affect the results.

* The health of a dog. Agree, if a dog has a stomach ache, it will not be up to training. Before demanding great results, take it to a good veterinarian. Ideally, check your dog’s health once in six months. 

Every dog can learn how to obey. With some, it just takes more effort. The training principles are the same for all dogs. But it’s genetic qualities influence which skills are easier to learn.

TOP-10 easiest dog breeds to train

We have summarized Stanley Сoney’s research, views of other dog handlers, and public opinion. Well, let’s finally find out what are the top ten easiest dog breeds to train?


1. Border Collies

They are very smart, capable of learning all kinds of tricks. Known as hard workers, they strive to learn new things constantly. Well socialized and trained from childhood, the Border Collie can adapt to almost any situation.

They are full of energy and will not sit still. They need a daily exercise routine to burn their energy. Thus, walk it more often and load with activity.

2. Poodles

The Poodle is included in the rating of the easiest dogs to train. This is a noble breed, its coat is more like hair, so poodles are recommended for people with allergies. Besides, they generally get along with other dogs and strangers.

The intelligence of the Poodle can under certain circumstances develop into stubbornness. Be kind and persistent in the learning process.

3. German Shepherds

It is a loyal and reliable breed. No coincidence that they have been used for years as police and military dogs. As a breed that loves to perform difficult tasks, they quickly master commands, becoming excellent companions.

The breed generally has an excellent blend of qualities, including exceptional intelligence and confidence. They love to be challenged, so teach them new, unfamiliar commands more often, and smartly praise them to build a friendly bond.

4. Belgian Sheepdogs

Belgian Sheepdogs are overly intelligent and energetic. They love to train and learn new things. In addition, they generally have a rather flexible character.

These dogs strive to please their owner. This fact makes it quite easy to teach them. But don’t overpraise them keep calm and reward only when it is necessary.


5. Golden Retrievers

Without a doubt, it is a very loyal breed. They are ready to do anything to please their owners. This means they are highly responsive to exercises. In addition, Golden Retrievers are excellent service dogs.

Like everyone on this list, they love to learn new things. Learning an unfamiliar command is a pleasure for them. Consistency, calmness, and respect are the simple secrets of training.

6. Australian Shepherds

They are mostly smart, trainable, and ready to serve. They are so smart that are capable of tricking a novice owner. Simply put, this pet is not created for everyone. But if you’re looking for an intelligent and trainable partner, your search may end right here.

Do not indulge this dog, be persistent and everything will work out. It will quickly learn your prepared list of the chosen commands and will be ready to move on soon.

7. Labrador Retrievers

An extremely popular breed. They are gentle, quickly disciplined, easily trained dogs, known for their playfulness and intelligence. They can learn everything you can teach them.

As high energy pets, they need a little patience. Buy it if you know how to stay calm and balanced. Prepare for it to chase after a bird, instead of following your commands.

8. Papillons

They are small dogs with long hair and ears similar to the wings of a butterfly. They easily execute commands, but it is not always possible to calm their energy and loud barking.

You need him to be constantly busy. Papillon loves training, learning new tricks, and copes well with various sports. So, just load him with different exercises and everything will be fine. But don’t forget overtraining will do no good. Ten-fifteen minutes is good for one training session.

9. American Staffordshire Terriers

This breed looks serious and even repulsive to some. But in fact, this is one of the smartest dogs, ready to serve the owner and carry out all commands. They are strong and quite enduring, so they can handle almost anything.

The most important thing in training this breed is authority. Do not forget that all dogs listen only to the leader, and this breed in particular. You have to create a strong bond between both of you. Don’t show weakness and the dog will be as a soldier obedient, loyal, and efficient.

10. Rottweilers

They undeservedly considered aggressive and disobedient. But in reality, this is not the case. Rottweilers are easy to train, although some are quite stubborn. They are loyal, but only to the one owner during all life.

All their stubbornness must be immediately stopped. Also, don’t forget to monitor your authority. If you turn a Rottweiler (and indeed any dog) into an object of adoration, the situation will quickly spiral out of control.


As we can see, some breeds are easier to train. But, perhaps, you should still choose a pet out of personal preference? Even a dog from the most obedient breed can become rebellious if ignored.

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