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Top-10 Dog Breeds that are Hard to Train

Some people have a stereotype that all dog breeds are equally able to learn new commands and have similar abilities to training. But in reality, it works the opposite way: some breeds are easy to teach, some aren’t. So, let’s find out – what are the top ten hardest dog breeds to train?

dog breeds that are hard to train

What determines the learning speed?

The learning speed depends on how many skills a dog needs, and on its preliminary training. The quality and speed of performing training techniques depends not only on the effort expended but also on its temperament and abilities.

In addition, there are more reasons that can influence the process:

  • Age of the dog. The older it is the slower it remembers the commands.
  • The skills and abilities of an owner. It is, of course, one of the most important reasons. If the owner has not read a single article or watched a single training video, then there will definitely be no progress.
  • Health of a dog. This point doesn’t require a detailed description. If a dog has health problems, it will not be up to training.
  • Environment. A dog will definitely show better results in a quiet and calm place (a house would be a great place to train). Loud sounds, strangers, and other dogs will only slow the process.
  • And, finally, the qualities of the dog’s breed. As it is said above, some breeds are much less trainable and show fewer skills in the training process.

hardest dog breeds to train

Why are some breeds less trainable?

Many dog breeds fit the definition “incorrigible” because of their innate dominance and independence. They try to suppress their masters and reverse the “Master-Subordinate” order. These are the hardest dog breeds to train.

Another type of “problem dogs” – the stubborn ones. Such breeds just originally developed in the disobedient way and rebelliousness is given to them complete with hair and tail. 

Do not forget the main thing – any dog can be corrected and re-educated. What is really important is for the owner to have the desire, the right knowledge, and a lot of persistence.


Top-10 hardest dog breeds to train

Well, let’s finally find out what dog breeds are hardest to train:

1. Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is one of the most rebellious dogs in the world. If you see this dog on the street walking its owner (and not vice versa), then you will immediately understand the whole essence of this breed. It is always ahead, the energy almost never ends. It makes noise, runs, jumps, and almost never wants to listen to the orders of the owner.

The owner must make sure that the intensity of the loads constantly increases, this will allow not only the pet to show its capabilities, but also the owner to show will. For example, you can force the dog to run as long as he can do it, or you can offer him to climb to a height that the dog is afraid of in order to overcome fear. It is possible to conduct workouts using stairs and exercises at height.

2. Russian wolfhound (or just Borzoi)

Russian wolfhound

If you are looking for a dog with the character of a cat, then the Russian wolfhound is a great solution. The Borzoi is a very selfish dog that pays too much attention to itself, mostly ignoring the owner. It is a freedom-loving animal, which doesn’t like being forced and commanded. It is without doubt one of the hardest dog breeds to train. So, don’t trust it to be off-leash.

But despite the flaws, the Borzoi is a very loyal dog. If you want to overcome its selfishness you must spend many hours training it. Only then it will attach to you strongly and start executing commands.

3. Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier

Yes, it looks very cute and funny, but the Boston Terrier is one of the most stubborn dogs in today’s TOP. It is so headstrong that even treats do not always help in the training. It would rather run around the yard and scare the birds than obediently execute commands.

Only patience is going to help in this case. More hours, more results, it is the only way. And in the end, the result will please you – this breed is a hard learner, but still very funny. So when this little hairball starts acting like a big service dog and barking on command, it will all look extremely hilarious.

4. Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound

This dog with a magnificent coat that cascades over his body is remarkable for its amazing disobedience. Like a mountain goat, it becomes stubborn at the slightest attempt to teach it commands.

Afghan hounds are very sensitive to the mood of the owner, so during training, you should behave as harshly as a professional mentor should.

5. Dalmatian


Dalmatians are known for their playful and reckless temper. They are full of energy, just like the husky, but their character is usually more serious. Despite the many stereotypes about the kindness of Dalmatians, an ignorant owner can turn a puppy into an aggressive dog that poses a danger to society.

Dogs of this breed must be constantly loaded with different activities. Walk and exercise it as often as possible. Socialize as early as you can and it will become a loyal and calm animal. It is really one of the hardest dog breeds to train, so don’t hesitate to hire a dog trainer.

6. Doberman


They are strong, very fast, and obedient dogs. However, it is very difficult to make a Doberman manageable and only experienced dog handlers can do it. Often, Doberman owners are faced with the fact that due to boredom and loneliness, the pet begins to destroy the apartment.

The breed requires constant development of physical form and intelligence. Dobermans try in every way to please their master, and if they feel contact with him, they begin to be capricious. But mind – they react sharply to any negative emotions.

7. Chow-Chow


They are prized for their unusual fluffy appearance. But unfortunately, their intellectual abilities are quite poor. Although in most cases the refusal to execute commands is explained not by a lack of intelligence, but by obstinacy.

To get something out of this breed you should train it from an early age with patience and perseverance. Potty train it and slowly increase the number of commands. Another helpful advice would be to set a rigid framework for training. Not overtrain it but at the same time don’t leave it alone for very long.

8. Beagle


Without doubts, Beagle will be an excellent companion and loyal friend. It is worth mentioning that they have extremely cute faces and adorable appearance. But with training, unfortunately, there are some problems.

And it’s not about low intellectual abilities. It’s just that the beagle is distinguished by its independent character and self-will, so any attempts by the owner to train his pet by the latter will be ignored. The main advice here is to load the animal with training and not leave it alone for too long.

9. Basenji


Quite a rare breed. All this is because Basenji dogs are more like cats, they are too independent. By the way, their barking is very similar to human laughter – this is another reason that Basenji is not very popular among dog breeders.

It is a freedom-loving and independent breed. You need to try to win its respect and walk it as much as possible.

10. English Mastiff

English Mastiff

The ancestors of these dogs fought in gladiatorial battles and took part in wars. Not surprisingly, it is now one of the most self-confident and ferocious breeds.

If you are planning to educate a mastiff, then you must have significant experience handling dogs of different breeds. And these are not empty words. Also, try to keep your training sessions short and stress-free for the dog.


It should be remembered: despite the fact that the above breeds tend to be difficult to train, they can still be educated. The main thing would be the desire of the owner.

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