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ESA Prescription Letter

ESA prescription letter

If you experience emotional and mental dysfunctions, the emotional support animal (ESA) can be precisely the “medicine” that will have a profitable therapeutic effect. However, if you want to use an animal as an ESA, it is not enough to assign this status to your furry, feathered, or scaly friend yourself. If you want your pet to acquire an emotional support animal status, you need to consult a qualified medical specialist in the field of psychological health and receive an ESA prescription letter. Fortunately, today this can be performed online, which makes the procedure much easier.

If you want officially to get approval for an emotional support animal status for an animal companion, your diagnosis must relate to an emotional or mental state and be confirmed in accordance with the ADA law. A licensed psychiatrist, therapist, or clinician is qualified for an ESA prescription.

How do I get an ESA prescription letter?

What is the standard procedure for receiving an email? As a rule, doctors ask to fill out a small questionnaire, which will take no more than 20 minutes. It is necessary so that a medical professional can determine what kind of difficulties is inherent in your psyche. Specialist consultation is paid regardless of whether you will be issued an ESA letter or not. After checking your questionnaire, the doctor will confirm or deny the need for a constant presence of an emotional support animal near you. The final stage will be an interview by phone or in any other format, during which the specialist will clarify some points and finally confirm your diagnosis. If you are truly entitled to an emotional support animal, a corresponding letter confirmed by a licensed professional will be assigned to you by mail or email.

When you have an ESA prescription letter taken, your pet automatically acquires the status of an ES animal. The letter should indicate that you really demand an animal. By the way, this point is specified in detail in the symptomatic and analytical manual of mental dysfunctions.

The letterhead paper of the specialist on the LMHP form should contain the signature of the medical specialist, the license number, the region and time of issue of the license. If you plan unrestricted travel with an emotional support animal on board of an airliner, as well as for settling into rented living areas, then the letter must be dated no earlier than one year before the actual date of presentation. Thus, a person who needs permanent support for an animal with ESA status must update the prescription letter annually.

The benefits of receiving a letter online

ESA prescription

Recently, it has become very common to acquire an online ESA prescription letter. This is convenient, because the consultation with the doctor also takes place online, and after confirming your diagnosis and the demand for emotional support, you will receive the letter by email and have full legal force.

But here, it is essential to remember that in this niche, there are a huge number of scammers whose prescriptions do not have legal force. Therefore, before contacting a similar company to obtain a letter, we strongly recommend that you make sure that the license of the professional you are consulting is proven. It is important to ensure that the site where you plan to undergo verification must comply with US laws and comply with current rules and regulations. Otherwise, neither the US Department of Housing and Urban Development nor the Department of Transportation will accept the letter.


An ESA prescription letter gives you a number of advantages, including flying with an animal on a plane, as well as protection from discrimination when renting real estate. If you really need the constant attendance of your pet that eases your pathological conditions, then you just need to get an ESA prescription letter. Then enjoy the rights that the laws of the United States give you.

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