fbpx The Story of Dack T.

The Story of Dack T.


For a long time I suffered from the deepest depression, which seemed to drain me from the inside. For days I could just lie on the bed, occasionally getting up just to prepare myself something to eat or to meet with my mother, who was very concerned about my inner state. And yet I was already a completely independent person, so sometimes I could just yell at her and drive her out of my apartment, more and more shutting myself off. I lost my job, due to the fact that I took endless sick leave, and then stopped communicating with people altogether. Several friends practically pulled me out of the house to walk or go to an event.

It got to the point that once I decided to finish this tragic story altogether and swallowed pills, eventually waking up in a hospital. I was surrounded by friends and parents, and then they made me sign up for a psychologist – surprisingly he was very qualified and my psychological and emotional state was getting better. The most valuable of his advice was not a variety of yoga exercises or auto-training, but a registering in State Emotional Support Animal Program. I have never had a pet, and I seriously thought, maybe I just have no one to care for, no one is waiting for me upon returning home, maybe this is my main fears of loneliness and emotional instability.

After registering in the program, I, together with my friends, came to a specialized shelter and chose my future pet – it turned out to be a cat called “Uppercut”, and despite its bellicose name, it turned out to be very affectionate and friendly. A week later, thanks to the help of my friends and relatives, I found a job, and every day, returning home, a lovely white cat was waiting for me on the threshold, and at night, when I still could not sleep because of the shattered nerves, I opened my eyes and saw how I was protected from all adversity by the sparkling look of my Uppercut, and I felt much better.

Already a month later, I started doing the work I was into earlier — drawing and design, and two months later I found work in my specialty, my life began to improve. I stopped taking antidepressants prescribed by doctors, and soon even found myself a boyfriend – now we live happily all together, I, my boyfriend and the cat Uppercut, who still every night, falling asleep next to me on my pillow, seem to protect me from all adversity and remind that will always be waiting for me at home.



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