fbpx The Story of Steve M.

The Story of Steve M.

My life is very full, I am constantly on the move – I manage a fairly large company, so I often have to fly on planes between cities. This went on for a long time, until one day I had a seizure, after which I went to hospital for a long time. The doctors diagnosed me with epilepsy and told me that I could put up a cross on my active movements, because the risk of getting a seizure during the trip is also complemented by the risk of not receiving timely help, which could threaten my life. Because of this diagnosis, I literally fell out of my life for several months, trying to bring the company’s affairs in good way via distance, working from home and trying to cure my illness.

This turned out to be a very difficult task, because a good leader must attend personally at important meetings, so it was necessary to resume business trips, but besides epilepsy, I was also accompanied by the fear of uncertainty over a long journey – if you had a seizure right in flight, you would have to land the plane to assist, because although modern aircraft have first aid kits for patients with this disease, panic attacks and fear were almost impossible to overcome.
I became interested in various methods of dealing with this disease, in particular – with its psychological consequences. And then I came across ESADoctor website, which offered some strange services for me, a pragmatic person, to get an Emotional Support Animal, a pet, who would calm me down the way. The company provided all the documents and the necessary regulations in order to be able to take the animal with me on board the aircraft without additional expenses and documents, so I decided to try.

In the kennel, my choice fell on an out-of-breed dog named Moby Dick because of its unusually large size, as for an amazing mixture of different breeds of dogs. He turned out to be surprisingly accommodating and kind, and I began to spend time with him not only on the plane and the road, but also at home, to take walks. Now everywhere I was accompanied not only by my faithful friend but also by the complete certainty that even if I had a seizure of epilepsy in convulsions, a dog whom I deliberately gave to the appropriate courses would help me – he could find help or draw attention to If I felt bad.

Now my company is again under my qualified leadership and things have gone up, and I became more confident that, despite my illness, I always have someone to rely on. For many, it seems funny that this “someone” is Moby Dick, but sometimes it seems to me that this is a real soulmate encased in my dog’s faithful eyes. Now I am confident in the future, and even if I cannot overcome my illness completely, I always have someone to help out, which in my position inspires an enviable confidence in the future.



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