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Vests For ESA Cats

ESA vestThe emotional support cat’s vest is not so much a functional accessory as an indicator for people around you who, when looking at your pet, immediately identify it as an emotional support cat or therapeutic cat. The presence of a vest on the ESA immediately gives others the opportunity to understand how much the animal plays in your life. This fact avoids a number of misunderstandings when appearing with a cat in public places. For example, if your pet is wearing a vest of emotional support – you will have much fewer questions from the staff of the institutions when you visit them with your pet.

That is why immediately, after receiving a letter of permission from your doctor, you immediately need to “give” your cat a vest, which will greatly facilitate your life. At the same time, wearing a vest is not mandatory for the ESA, just like having a vest does not give your cat the automatic status of an animal of emotional support.

Cat in ESA vest

Does your cat need an ESA vest?

Typically, a cat’s emotional support vest is made in red or orange. This is done in order to distinguish your pet from other animals. When an outsider sees a vest on your cat, he immediately understands the status of your animal and how much it is dear to you and how much you need its presence. This allows others to adjust their behavior accordingly and is more attentive to you and your pet.

You can often find the question of how the ESA vest differs from the service animal vest. The answer is simple – nothing. Both the ESA and the therapeutic cat can wear the same vests, which is normal.

How to choose and where to buy?

Cat vests are different, but almost all of them are adapted for fixing the leash. When choosing a vest, you need to specify the size and material of which the vest is made. It is worth giving preference to soft, but strong fabrics so that the cat is comfortable and the vest is not too flimsy and not adapted for long and intensive travels. And definitely, you need to pay attention to the design of the vest so that it is as convenient as possible – it has fastenings for the leash, all kinds of latches, and adjusting elements for individual adjustment.

Cat vest of emotional support

Vests for ESA cats are produced in different colors, but it is still recommended to give preference to bright shades of red and orange, so as not to mislead others and with an accessory immediately make it clear that your pet performs the function of emotional support for you. Finding a quality cat vest for emotional support is no problem today. Many pet stores offer decent vest models for their own production ESA. In addition, there are mass production models that can be found on Amazon and other smaller online stores.

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