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Advantages of Emotional Support Animal Letter:
- Our patients don't pay until they're approved.
- 12 months certificate signed by a licensed physician
- 12-month medical marijuana recommendation with embossed gold seal
- Confidentiality of your data provided through our HIPPA compliant system
- 24/7 Online Verification

How to get ESA letter in Utah i

Make Order
Fill out a simple questionnaire. After filling it will be sent to the doctor. It's easy as 1 - 2 - 3
Get Approval & Pay
Wait until the doctor conducts your assessment. This may take no more than 15 minutes. Pay only if approved!
Receive ESA Recommendation
Get a fully legal ESA certificate / letter. Now you can use it for its intended purpose
No More Pet Fees and Pet Deposits
Never again will you have to pay for pets, whatever airline you choose. The Law on Airline Access determines that your pet has the right to fly in the cabin with its owner absolutely free. Get a letter of dog emotional support and save up to 300 USD per trip!
Pets are getting easier and cheaper. Property owners do not charge additional deposits or fees if you have an ESA certified dog (regulated by the Fair Housing Amendment Act of 1998).
Comfortable Housing
Housing restrictions on the maintenance of animals do not apply to emotional support animals (federal fair housing amendments; the law on rehabilitation of 1973 - Article 504). Property owners do not have the right to discriminate against the official emotional support of animal certification, so their owners are provided with a legal tool that allows them to organize comfortable living without worrying about animal housing policy.
Additional Motivation
The motivational effect of having emotional support for an animal always with you concerns three main aspects. Firstly, it is the feeling of pleasure and inspiration that people get from communicating with their loved pets. Secondly, mood elevation occurs due to the need to live a more active life and have more active rest. The last is the sense of purpose that appears when you know that you live not only for yourself alone
Sense of Relief
The main idea of the ESA is to be inseparable from a pet-friend, which gives great support and comfort to its owner. Communicating with animals, as a rule, helps people suffering from depression, anxiety, fear complexes, and various intellectual problems. It can help fight loneliness or can bring calm and a sense of overall comfort. In addition, if your pet is a dog, the need for daily physical activity in the open air also greatly improves your health and reduces the risk of heart disease.
Mary V.
More than twenty years have passed after my returning from the Persian Gulf War, but until recently I was still worried about my post-traumatic syndrome - you know, when look at nightmares of war, you start to get disillusioned with people, and when you return to the familiar environment, you feel obvious discomfort, not because you cannot settle down, but because ... Read more
Dack T.
● For a long time I suffered from the deepest depression, which seemed to drain me from the inside. For days I could just lie on the bed, occasionally getting up just to prepare myself something to eat or to meet with my mother, who was very concerned about my inner state. And yet I was already a completely independent person, so sometimes I could just yell at her and drive her out of my apartment, more and more shutting myself off. I lost my job... Read more
Steve M.
● My life is very full, I am constantly on the move - I manage a fairly large company, so I often have to fly on planes between cities. This went on for a long time, until one day I had a seizure, after which I went to hospital for a long time. The doctors diagnosed me with epilepsy and told me that I could put up a cross on my active movements, because the risk of getting a seizure during the trip is also complemented by the risk of not receiving timely help, which could threaten my life. Because of this diagnosis, I literally fell out ... Read more
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Benefits of an ESA letter in Utah
  • The doctor is always available and ready to help. Becoming a patient, you can always come to the doctor at the reception;
  • Proven relief;
  • Full recommendation from our licensed physician;
  • Confidentiality of your data through our HIPPA compliant system;
  • With the ESADoctor is available 24/7 online check and chat support 10 am -10pm, 7 days a week;
  • 100% money back guarantee. You only pay if you are approved after evaluation, you will receive an invoice for payment — this should be written in the order process;
  • Your pet becomes your Emotional Support Animal (ESA) for 12 months;
  • Flying around the country with your pet near you on board!
  • Legal placement of your pet wherever it is forbidden to be with a pet;
Emotional Support Animal (ESA) is a person's pet that has been prescribed by a licensed therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist (by any licensed mental health professional). The animal is part of this person’s treatment program and is designed to provide comfort and minimize the negative symptoms of a person’s emotional / psychological disability. All types of pets can be Emotional Support Animal (cats, dogs and birds), and they can be of any age (young puppies and kittens too!).
Yes. Our doctors are licensed in California, comply with HIPAA, and follow the recommendations of the California Telemedicine Board of Medicine. The use of Emotional Support Animal Letter qualifies as a valid telemedicine service in California. Get cheap and legitimate ESA letters online, register your Emotional Support Animal for the first time and update patients can qualify.
The process of receiving an ESA letter takes only a few minutes on our website and can be completed online at any time. Patients enter basic personal information and respond to a short medical questionnaire describing their condition and symptoms. Once completed, the doctor will review your application, usually within a few minutes. If your ESA recommendation is approved, you will receive a digital copy of your ESA letter via e-mail and a hard copy sent the same day. Note: Customers do not pay if their application is not approved.
Licensed animal emotional support physicians are available 24/7 for ESA evaluating. As a rule, the process of emotional support of animals takes a few minutes on the part of patients, and then the application is viewed remotely on our doctor’s tablet. There are also video conferences available.
Your dog may not be familiar with the situation at the airport, the limitations of sitting at your feet on the plane or with the close attention of airline personnel and other passengers. If you fly with a dog, keep in mind that airline personnel (including gate agents, TSA and flight attendants) may refuse to approve emotional support (and you) for your animal if the pet is considered a threat to health, anxiety or unpleasantness for other passengers, even if you have previously approved ESA to escort you on the plane.
The law does not require hotels, restaurants, trains, and buses to accept Emotional Support Animal on their territory, but you can call them before the trip and ask about their policies. Some institutions are open to receiving Animal Emotional Support on their own.
Only under certain circumstances. If placing an animal may mean additional administrative costs and other adjustments that will affect housing conditions, the landlord may reject your request. For example, an animal is destructive or a threat to the health, safety, and property of other tenants. Make sure to train the ESA so that they are not naughty, and you always have control.
Your Emotional Support Animal ;etter will last one year. Then you may be able to extend your ESA email through ESADoctor at a discount.
In order for a person to be eligible for Emotional support animal (ESA), he must be eighteen or older and is considered an emotionally disabled by a licensed physician, as indicated by a correctly formatted prescription letter. However, some airlines and property managers will take the form of a check-in approved by the family doctor.
Your landlord or property manager can confirm your letter by calling the confirmation number, which is included on the doctor’s form 24/7. This is the doctor's confirmation phone number that issues your prescription.
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